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Supreme Mooncake

Taking pride in its traditional baking techniques, all Kee Wah Mooncakes are produced locally in our Hong Kong plants. By combining the finest ingredients with the strictest production practices, packaged in innovative design concepts, Kee Wah provides the tastiest supreme mooncakes to customers. No matter it is for self enjoyment or as gifts, Kee Wah Mooncakes is the ideal choice to show loved ones your love and care during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Apart from the classic “Emperor’s Portrait” 4-mooncakes series, Kee Wah also offers several elegant designs that makes it the perfect gift.  Both “Royal Supreme Mooncake with Chinese Tea Gift Box” and “Grand Assorted Gift Box” are elegant 3-tier gift boxes in golden colour tone that makes them the most luxurious and selective gift.  Whereas the “Ruby Gift Box”, “Eight – Star Treasure Gift Box” and “Deluxe Mini Mooncakes Gift Box” features the celestial cloud designs in red and gold, presenting the choicest gift for the festival.

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